Tokensport Utility Token Community

Utility tokens for teams and players!!!

Tokensport Utility Token Communities Utility token for teams and players that can be exchanged for earn interest toward valuable Sponsor items like free food or services or collected to “trade up” for some security tokens. STO team offerings we retain a fixed % of security tokens to allow holders of utility tokens to transfer into. Promotions, loyalty programs, Events, sponsors and fans can buy utility tokens and collect them or exchange for valuable Sponsor items like free food or services.

These tokens can be used to offer exciting rewards to fans. They can be exchanged for a variety of collectibles and experiences like merch and live show tickets. Loyalty programs can also use these tokens as a foundation instead of fiat currency. For example, fans can be rewarded with tokens for certain activities like sharing content, liking social media posts, etc. Through a loyalty program, they will be able to accumulate tokens every time they participate in such activities, eventually being able to spend on various club merchandise.

Fan token platforms are instrumental in fostering engagement among sports fans. They also help clubs enhance sponsor relationships and loyalty ecosystems. Fans can now get rewards for spending money, which in turn, boosts profits for sports teams Then if someone has many can “trade up” for some security tokens, I’m effect giving potential future real financial value to the utility tokens Teams/Academy’s Loyalty tokens-Think fans and the players family and friends buying tokens during Team events or online promotions to help club for new facilities, travel, Coaching etc.

Promotions, loyalty programs, sponsors etc. buying and giving tokens to fans for participation Player Loyalty Tokens-Think family, friends and fans buying tokens to help players travel, coach and train. Host In person events and sponsorship, clinics and workshops. Online Players could sell for tokens training videos and NFTs

Tokensport Utility Token Community


Tokensport offical gaming partner Playbetr: “Bet today and get a chance to own part of the team” We let everyone use our utility tokens to bet for fun and Charity and they can be exchanged for valuable sponsor goods and services or with enough tokens collected converted to security tokens in teams we do STO offerings for (team STO offerings reserve 10% of the team STO tokens for this arbitrage) Example: X number of utility tokens gets you a security token and as the value of security tokens increase so does number of utility tokens needed to exchange

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